Sunday, March 9, 2014

2 injured in North Side car accident

Two people were hurt during a car crash near the Uptown, Edgewater neighborhood border, said police.

The two-car accident happened at approximately 3:52 a.m., at the intersection of North Sheridan Road and West Hollywood Avenue.

Per a preliminary report, one vehicle flipped over and caught on fire.

An initial 911 call indicated someone was trapped inside the burning car.

However, when an officer arrived at the scene, he confirmed the occupant was able to escape the torched vehicle.

Two ambulances were rushed to the scene.

A vehicle, described as a Toyota, was towed from 5706 North Sheridan Road.

At the time of the report, no further details were available.


  1. Replies
    1. lol I bet the driver was white, everyone knows they're the worst drivers

  2. No in reality either black or illegal alien hispanics.

  3. I was there n my husband pulled him out of the car as it was burning. we are medical assistants and where in the area at the time.. We left very proud.. saved a man's life.

    1. We heard a man was trapped so I made him pull over n started a civilian team n accomplished pulling him out and away from his truck. Let me tell you tho this guy was heavy n I thought we would lose our life as well since the car was burning fast. But they don't have no awards for that. N that's fine with us.

    2. He had an angel that night because none was trying to pull him out until I got there n lead the way.. I'm so proud of what we did!!!!

    3. I would love to meet this guy we saved.. someone please help!

    4. Stop bragging you stupid twat. You and your husband are mouthbreathing retards. I truly hope you aren't medical assistants because you can barely type in English. I wouldnt let you operate on a tomato. nice job posting your full names, now all the racist trolls that post here will be able to find you on facebook.

  4. asians are the worst drivers

  5. Did anyone bring marshmallows?


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