Uptown shooting at Wilson and Sheridan, possible suspect seen near Aster Park

Written By Chicago News Report on Friday, December 2, 2011 | 12/02/2011 06:34:00 PM

Police are investigating a 6p.m. Friday evening shooting near the intersection of Sheridan and Wilson in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.

According to police, the shooting occurred at 4605 north Sheridan Road.

At least one person, who was described as a reluctant victim, was transported to Illinois Masonic Hospital.

Preliminary reports indicated the victim was shot in the shoulder.

Moments after the shooting, an eyewitness saw a possible shooter running away from Aster Park, which is located at 4639 North Kenmore.

The tipster said the suspect, a male black teen with a light complexion and about 5'5" in height, was on a cell phone asking someone to pick him up on Kenmore Avenue.

At 6:27 p.m., police recovered a bullet that pierced a store window near Wilson and Sheridan.

At 6:33 p.m., investigators, via their police radios, mentioned a possible second crime scene at 4602 North Sheridan Road.

At the time of this report, the motive for the shooting was unknown.

UPDATE: Police said the shooting was caught on camera. The shooter was wearing a dark-colored coat, light-colored jeans, and a red cap.

According to updated information, the suspect is 5'8" to 6-feet-tall and 180 to 190 pounds. The shooter has a thin build, said police.

Investigators said the gunman approached the corner of Sheridan and Wilson on foot, opened fire, and continued shooting as he ran westbound on Wilson Ave.

While updating this story, police were notified that a second possible shooting victim was taken to Weiss Memorial Hospital.

The second potential shooting victim was described a Hispanic female. The woman is an employee at 4605 North Sheridan Road. The address belongs to a business called Uptown Shop and Save.

One source said the female victim was working the register when she was shot.


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