Violent black mob attacks sweep through America

Written By Chicago News Report on Thursday, July 14, 2011 | 7/14/2011 03:00:00 AM

Violent attacks perpetrated by mobs of black suspects are not restricted to Chicago.

All over the country, young African-American offenders are committing crimes in large groups.

Some media outlets insist on protecting these criminals, by refusing to mention the race of the suspects.

Meanwhile, many so-called African-American leaders have yet to fully address the black mob phenomenon, that is sweeping our nation like a racially charged tsunami.

Last month, Reverend Jesse Jackson said Chicago's youth mob violence could be curbed with more handouts like, year-round free meals and after-school programs.

But there's another way to stop this violence... and it won't cost the taxpayers one thin dime.

If certain parents used their reproductive organs wisely - stopped having children they cannot afford and don't even want - there would be fewer criminals on the streets.

The following is a collection of recent stories involving young black mobs.

I have to warn you, some of these crimes are guaranteed to make your blood boil.


During the 4th of July weekend, Shaina Perry, Perry's sister, and one of Perry's friends, were viciously attacked by a black mob at Kilbourn Reservoir Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Police believe the urban terrorists had just robbed a BP gas station at 1030 East North Avenue, before the attack.

Perry, a 22-year-old from New York, received a black eye. One of Perry's friends had to get several stitches in his head and her sister was repeatedly kicked and punched in the face.

According to one report, one of the Perry's attackers said, "Oh, white girls bleed a lot!"

Even though most of the suspects were caught on tape, no arrests have been made.


Shawnee Twiet, a Minneapolis, Minnesota mother, was beaten unconscious by a mob of black teenage girls.

The June 7, 2011 incident began at a pool at Folwell Park located at 1615 Dowling Avenue North.

Police said one of Twiet's attackers accused her daughters, 15 and 4-years-old, of stealing a pair of sunglasses.

When the Minneapolis mom went to the pool to get to the bottom of the accusations, that's when the mob attacked her, said authorities.

Twiet was knocked to the ground, kicked, and stomped on.

One attacker left a shoe-print on the battered mother's back.

The mob also attacked Twiet's daughters; the 4-year-old sustained a bruised leg and a contusion on her head, said one news report.

No arrests have been made.


On July 8, 2011, a group of approximately 20 black teens were caught on tape pillaging a Redford Township, Michigan gas station.

According to a Detroit news report, the mob stole hundreds of dollars in merchandise.

Prior to the gas station caper, the same teens reportedly started a fight at an 8th grade graduation party.

Later that same night, after the gas station incident, police said the group chased and beat a customer at a local White Castle hamburger restaurant.


The stories featured in this article are just the tip of the iceberg.

There have been similar attacks all over the United States.

Including Bayonne, New Jersey, where 22-year-old Dawid Strucinski was beaten into a coma.

Strucinski was repeatedly kicked and stomped in the head after trying to stop a fight outside a local convenience store. 

The Rutgers college graduate remains in a coma.


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